Effective 6/01/2017

Share Draft Account Fees
Overdraft fee from savings (per transfer) $1.00
NSF Item Returned (per item) $35.00
NSF Item Paid (Share Draft, ACH and Debit POS) $35.00
Photocopies of Share Drafts (per share draft) $2.00
Photocopies of Share Drafts by fax (per share draft) $4.00
Reconciling Share Draft Account fee (per hour) $20.00
Stop Payment fee (per request) $35.00
Share Draft Printing fee (depending upon style) Varies
Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)
Account Reconciliation fee (per hour) $20.00
Returned Statement fee $10.00
Statement Copy fee $5.00
Wire Transfer (incoming) fee (per transfer) $5.00
Wire Transfer (outgoing) fee (per transfer) $15.00
Money Order fee (per money order) $2.00
Visa Gift Cards (per card) $2.00
Visa Travel Money (per Card) $3.00
Account Closure fee (if closed within 1 year of opening) $5.00
Use of Fax fee (per sheet for local area) $1.00
Use of Fax fee (per sheet for out of area) $2.00
Photocopies fee (per page) $0.05
History Printoff fee (per page) $1.00
Official Credit Union Check fee $2.00
Returned Item fee (per item) $25.00
Returned Item (3rd Party) fee (per item) $15.00
Garnishment Processing $50.00
Legal/Attachment Processing $50.00
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
Non USSCO ATM Withdrawals
(per withdrawal, per month, 1st 5 free)
Replacement Visa Check Card fee (per card) $10.00
Share Account Fees
Inactive Account
Fee per month, per share type, per member account
with no activity for 12 months
Regulation D Transactions over 6 (per transaction) $35.00
Escheatable Accounts after 3 years $25.00

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